Chain Hire

We have a full range of chains available for hire or for sale to get you up to the slopes and over snowy mountain passes. 

We will match the correct size and type of chains to your vehicle’s tyres and make sure you leave comfortable knowing how to fit them.

Chain Hire Rates (Consecutive days) 1 Day 2nd Day 3 Days+
Standard $25 $23 $21
4WD $30 $27 $25

Booking online – what size chain do I need?

  1. Find your tyre size – this made up of three numbers on the side of your tyre and will look something like this:

  2. Look up your Snowdriver chain size in the Chain Lookup Chart
    Select KN/Standard chains for regular cars/sedans
    Select RV/4WD chains for SUVs and 4WDs

  3. Go to our online booking form and select the correct chain size under your booking.

Availability: If our system is showing no availability for your chain size and booking period please contact us asap,
as we can usually source additional stock at short notice.

We also carry all sizes of chains for sale at competitive prices if you would prefer to own your own set of chains.

Which Wheel?

  • Sedans – most sedans are two-wheel drive and chains should be fitted on to the drive wheels.  In most cases this will be the front wheels.
  • SUVs/4WDs – chains should generally be fitted to the front wheels.  This provides better traction for steering and braking when going downhill, as the weight will be more on the front wheels.
  • When selecting the wheels to fit the chain on it’s important to check there is sufficient clearance for the fitted chain around the entire wheel area.  In some cases, it may be necessary to fit chains on the rear wheels if there isn’t enough clearance on the front wheels.
  • We will go over this with you when you are hiring chains.

Fitting and Using Snow Chains

  • Once fitted, keep your speed below 40km/hour to avoid the risk of chains working loose and coming off.
  • Chains should be fitted securely with no slack or loose parts.  Ensure there is enough tension on the rubber tensioner to secure it in place for travel.
  • After initial fitting of the chains, drive for 50m and check/tighten chains to ensure there is a good tight fit.
  • Chains are not designed for vehicles that are towing.  Checkpoints on alpine passes will not allow towing vehicles to pass through when chains are required.


Chain Fitting Guide